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Canopy Kings is an established event rental company that offers high-quality tents, canopies and other event amenities for intimate gatherings and large parties. Enjoy a comfortable celebration our canopy rental services.

  • Largest tentage options to choose from
  • Reliable and professional staff at your service
  • Competitive and irresistible rental rates
  • Accommodate urgent and short notice request
Canopy Malaysia


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This type of canopyย includes the basic needs of a party event but we have modified everything to make it more luxurious and elegant to hold a big event like grand weddings, VIP holdings, private anniversaries or even company-related conventions. This might be costly but we assure you that you will get only the best and quality materials for your event. Moreover, our top-class styling team will assist you all the way to plan your big event.

If you are highly considering going splendid with your party this package suits you well. Our Superior package was highly regarded as the most high-class from the three.

Canopy Malaysia

Do you want to book your canopy today?

Do you want to book your canopy today?

  • Grandiose choice of Canopy
    It wouldnโ€™t be called Superior if it wonโ€™t surpass what the other packages can offer. Superior package comes with an elegant choice of canopy that means it is fully air-conditioned to keep your guests comfortable and side wall protection to keep your party going even with unexpected weather conditions. You can even choose Transparent Canopy if you want to setup the mood of the party being held under the light of the thousand stars. The choice is yours.
  • Latest Technology Usage
    State of the art sound system, latest technology innovation in lighting effects and modern and up to date video streaming and coverage of the event is being offered when you book this package. Wonderful lighting setup being handled by our great and efficient field men and quality tested sound system to bring spice and flavour to your party. You will really get the best of your moneyโ€™s worth when you book with us.
  • VIP Treatment
    Comfortable chairs, skirted tables, fine choice of colour combinations, well-ventilated, carpeted floors and a whole lot more VIP treatment and service is being offered and prepared when you book this package. Entertainment area and refreshing environment were being setup to bring a relaxing mood to any special guests during your party. You can never go wrong when you avail this package, for sure your guests will leave with satisfaction.
  • Artistic Touches
    World-class artistic styles and designs are being offered just to perfectly fit the kind of event you want. Luxurious and elegance wrapped as one and brought to reality with our top-notched event decorators and stylists. Our team of artists carefully handpicked designs to complement the theme; underlayings and cloth ceiling drapings are the few choices to go accordingly to the event theme.Moreover, little details like embellishments are well planned to give a satisfying and elegant mood to the party. Whenever you decided to go and plan that party in a luxurious way, go ahead, Canopy Kings is loo forward in wor with you and gives you the best outdoor party without any compromise in our services. Our lines are open and our office both local and state offices are open for any inquiries and boo detail questions.

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