Transparent Canopy Rental Malaysia

Have you ever wanted to celebrate your special day right under the light of million stars above you? Well, get that dreamy ambition with us. Canopy King just offers a whole new trend of canopy rent that will let you experience party under the stars. Book our Transparent Canopy service and you’ll definitely get the chance to experience a whole new kind of party.



Transparent canopy is very different from the others, it gives off that sweet and exciting feels to all your guests present. The transparent covers of the roof will let you witness perfectly drawn skies with stars. A very good choice if you want to celebrate your special day at night.

Unexpected weather change is inevitable especially at night but you shouldnt have to worry since our canopy are built to protect you from all weather conditions. The transparent materials werent made cheap and it is assured to have fully undergone thorough quality check assurance assessment. This makes our canopy reliable to go with all types of weather conditions.

Transparent canopy are the newest trend in canopy rental industry and its making its name now. Many has booked this type of canopy especially during debut, outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions, rave parties or even roadshows and festivals. Due to its properties many has drawn using it unlike the typical canopies that has been usually seen around.

Since it is new and modern, Transparent canopies cost much higher than the regular canopies but dont worry, Canopy King will find ways to get in and fit with your budget. Just talk to us.