School Events Canopy Rental Malaysia

School events are such fun and exciting experience to all students, teachers and also for  parents. To fully enjoy such event, Canopy King provides sturdy and stable tents for all field activities and outdoor programs. Events like these were children were keep on running through, we provides enough and adequate cover on their heads like our very own A-shaped tent decorated and ensembled many art crafts to look more lively and compliment the school theme of the event.



Pyramid shaped-tent are also beautiful to host food booths and other activities hosted by the students. These enables them to freely roam around because of a large free-space area to play. And to finally wrapped and host school events, we also offer table and chairs rentals and video and sound equipments for such affordable price.

School events were good activities to fully developed childrens’ cognitive and athletic skills. Keep the learning fun and focused on them while the company and the team will take over on handling the hardwork. Call us for more details