Half-Moon Canopy Rental Malaysia

Do you want to introduce a new style and environment for your party? Choose Half-Moon Canopy and it will surely satisfy your need.



Half-moon canopy is a semi-curve shaped canopy style it somehow resembles a half-moon; from the name where it is derived. Half-moon is a unique style and client can customize if they want it to be an enclosed type or open-air. Canopy King can put transparent covers in the side to protect your guests from unexpected rain and when it is too hot and warm due to Malaysia’s hot season we can fully provide ventilation to keep your guest comfortable at all times.

Half-moon canopy is well suited to all kinds of party but recently it has been booked to many wedding receptions, corporate events and birthday parties. The large space suits well in having many guests present and enough space to accommodate for decorations.

Furthermore, you can choose Half-Moon canopy as your desired canopy type when you want to avail our packages. You can save more from your budget when you avail one of our packages. What’s more convenient is that you can freely add various elements like additional chairs, tables and type of ventilation you needed for your party.

Plan your party now and let us do the rest. Our team will do all the handiwork to keep your party experience a memorable one.