Economic Canopy Rental Malaysia

Like the name suggests, Economic packaging was designed to cater mostly budget-tight and price sensitive occasions like outdoor store events, simple wedding receptions and birthday parties. This package is designed to have the basic necessities a party needs like set of tables and chairs, lighting and fans for ventilation and the choice of canopy depends on the customers’ desire.



Everything that has been mentioned are basic and ideals materials for simple events that fits one budget perfectly however never doubt the magic Canopy King styling team can do with such materials. We can turn your simple event to a lively and wonderful party without any compromise in your budget.

Don’t underestimate our Economic packaging; you can experience all these perks with it:

  • Different canopy sheets variations
  • Choice of colour motif according to your party theme
  • Free-styling according to your mood
  • Free consultation to our styling theme
  • Can add various decors if needed

Yes, your budget is tight but with Canopy King we can pull off great result that is just within your budget. Book a schedule with us and let us work a great partnership together to make your event come to life. Call our numbers now for more details and inquiries.