Ceiling Cloth Decorations

Like all other events, ceiling cloth decorations adds some grand touch into the design aspects of the party. They cover up boring and monotonous sense of a certain location. Ceiling cloths are usually seen in enclosed locations like function halls and hotel receptions due to a firm ceiling structure. But don’t underestimate our canopies and tents; we can install sustaining supports to fully keep the ceiling cloth decors intact and in place; Keeping them from falling and messing with the others.



Here at Canopy King, we have a various designs and colours to start with in choosing your own cloth. Clients can freely mix and combine different colours that they think will do great working together with their chosen theme. either way, our leading experts in styling can present design proposals and clients have a full discretion in customizing parts of it.

Our artist and clients can freely collaborate with each other until they reach a good final decision. Until then, we would like to make great customer satisfaction everytime in every transaction and booking deals.

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