Birthday Events Canopy Rental Malaysia

Birthdays are annual celebration every person should be excited about. It’s a celebration for having another year to experience all the great things in life. Thus, it should be a day to be remembered.



Birthday parties for children’s are somehow the most childish and playful yet creative and diverse. Debuts are dainty and chic especially designed to suit the debutants likeness. While mature and grown-up birthday parties are well-groom and basically classic. But no matter what kind of birthday party you are throwing out, we are ready to serve you all the things that you need.

  • Canopy

Choose the best canopy style you want for your birthday party. Marquee tents are highly suggested for a more matured celebrant while the majestic transparent tent suits a debutants night. All our other tents just suits perfectly for kids play out birthday party.

  • Theme

Pick your desired party theme. We may have some choices in our catalogues but we openly let our clients decide and share some inputs and we collaborate.

  • Amenities

Complete table and chairs setup with covers and designs that goes accordingly to the chosen theme. Video and sounds equipment are installed properly for a perfect mood-setter.  Lightings and ventilation are working properly and were double-checked to avoid any accidents.

  • Extras

Whether you need extra services from our end, Canopy King has standby men to run your errands but it is limited to construction and any make shift projects. All constructions and any make shift projects are to be done before the event.  This is to ensure safety is being well-assured of.

Are you excited to plan that grand birthday party? Call us and let us discuss all the details. It’s time for you to rest and sit back and let us do the handiwork.