Air-Conditioning Unit Rentals Malaysia

Proper ventilation is what all guests were looking for in attending events aside from having a nice food service and decent view of the location. Outdoor locations somehow suffice the need of having fresh and raw ventilation since the walls weren’t covered. But the likes of enclosed canopies like Marquee Tents and alikes are designed to in an enclosed area thus there is a need of having proper ventilation inside.



These enclosed tents are designed to fully protect the guests from unprecedented strong winds, rain or other environmental factors; making it somehow warm and hot inside and in deep need of proper ventilation to avoid suffocation. Therefore, we have exclusively offer rental services of our air-conditioning units. However, availing our Superior package gives you the benefits of having one ready to use air-conditioning unit inside your tent. But you are still given a choice to add an additional or not. It is every customer jurisdiction and privilege to ensure the comfort of their expected guests.

Other packages are also allowed to rent air-conditioning units if there are not satisfied having the simple fans for ventilation.

Our air-conditioning units are available in all sizes possible in the market, if you want to rent one unit, during booking you should inform the consultation team to check for availability. Prices are changing without prior notice this is why we encourage our clients to inquire and check the details every now and then with us. However, clients availing packages from us are subject to discount prices from all our other products and services.

Should you want to know more? Call our numbers or visit us to personally talk with our consultation team. We are open daily!