About Us

Canopy King was born in the lands of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to serve a thousands of people and to provide the best quality material of canopy for their outdoor events. It is a small team at first dedicated just to simply install reliable and stable canopy and tents. Later, as time passed by, this small team grew unexpectedly, all thanks to its hardworking and dedicated employee and fieldmen, the community starts to trust them and their work.

Undeniably, the small team that aims to install simple canopy became known to the eyes of public. Their works are called out an art by professional event stylist and hosts. The potential of growing and expanding is now tangible just like their products. Many more years in the industry, the usual, simple and small team of installers has now a household name to all. This time they can now cater various designs of canopy even the hardest ones to install, they can now offer rental services and even logistics just to give the best service to its customers. Truly, Canopy King has grown.

The small team before has now become a large and hardworking group of professionals willing and dedicated to give their best everytime. They are now consists of efficient installers, fieldmen, designers, artists and a whole lot more. They are well-trained and undergo comprehensive studies that helps their individual growth and of their career. The growth came along with trust that’s why now, it is already tied to trusted local and foreign brands willing to supply all the materials and equipments needed.

Canopy King  is now a large company and now has expanded to many state of Malaysia that has just one thing to do: to serve the public and give the best customer service they deserve.