Sound System & Lighting Effects Rental Malaysia

Canopy King wasn’t just your typical rental services company but we are your one-stop shop of all party services you were looking for. The growth of the company is undeniable thus it is bound to expound its services. We are now offering Sound System and Lighting effects rental. Our top of the line sound system equipments and lighting effects material are up for any party amenity rental. With the help of branded and trusted partners, we are able to supply quality products to our valued customers.



Furthermore, we also have on-site assistance in installing and operating the equipments during your event. We will assign specific fieldmen to work with you and professionally handle and operate the equipments accordingly.

Moreover, Canopy King even do services in the outskirts of Malaysia. We can reach even far districts like Johor and Selangor. Our efficient and reliable logistic service can carry out all the equipments you needed in your party. Just book us a week prior to your event date for us to check the availability of the equipments and to estimate long distance expenses.

We got so much to offer you not just sound system and lighting effects equipment but we have more. Call us to inquire for more details and to know more about us.