Mist Fan Rental Malaysia

Mist fans are the least equipment being used in an event for such things need to be considered for safety. While it is true that mist fans are great help in keeping the area temperature cold containing the cool breeze in the area where it is placed, it is quite hazardous for events like children’s’ party and school events.



Mist fans are designed closely similar to standard electric fans just added with a few functions that were different from it. Mist fans are using vapor and blades altogether to produce such cooling effect. This is somehow effective to be used in store events and conventions.

Just a few reminders, renting out mist fans should go accordingly with the type of party you are hosting. Kids running around like seen in school events and birthday parties can somehow hazardous. Wires and connections will might cause accident in the area and can cause tripping to the children.

Should you want to upgrade to air cooler or others alike that are much safer than mist fans? Please check our services and see more.

But if you were on tight budget we can still make out special cautions while using the mist fans. Talk to our team and know more.