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Company’s fervent growth ensures a lot of things that includes expansion thus we organize offices around the districts and cities around Malaysia. Wherever you are located you can visit and call our offices and have your services delivered right at your doorsteps.

  • 016-4462265 . or

Events or parties located or to be held at this area, you can freely call or visit our office to book an event with us. Further assistance will be given to you and all other extra services are ready to be dispatched just within the city limits. We always ensure to give the best quality service our valued customer deserve.

  • Johor Office

Johor as known to be populated with thousand of inhabitants and foreign visitors is the main reason why we put an office in the center of it. In order to cater the large state and its community, Canopy King assign experts and professional to handle all customers need. Our office is located in the heart of the city to make sure people can see it and locate it easily. Logistics and other delivery from one event to another won’t be a problem with its location. Please feel free to visit us!

  • Seremban Office  

A city of beauty and wonderful views and a city of celebration astounds us and made us to build another office. The people and the lively community in it calls our services and therefore, we whole-heartedly deliver it infront of them. Seremban clients can now freely drop by our office and avail our packages in an easy way. No need to travel that long train ride to Kuala Lumpur, you already have one here. Feel free to visit our office for all inquiries and information you need.

  • Alor Setar Office 

There’s nothing more to say why established an office in Alor Setar, being a very known state of Malaysia, Alor Setar also houses many wonderdul people that calls out wondrous party gathering. Putting an office in the city just makes it simplier for everybody. Event stylists can now easily come on our doors and book our packages. What more we can say, we want the simplest, fastest and the best service possible to our customers. Visit our office, we are open daily for any assistance possible,