Classic Canopy Rental Malaysia

Classic canopy rental is the most sought after. This type of canopy is made to suit the standard party hosting theme, not too shabby but not too grandiose. It is somewhere in between in the middle and it suits perfectly for all event hosts that have enough budget and can carry out extra other expenses.



We cater customisation to customer needs. Removal and adding new materials, equipments and all other details are allowed and were highly suggested by our styling team. You can even come up with a whole new idea of design and combination of colours that will suit your taste. Nevertheless, you should always need to reach out to us to see the availability of such items.

Check out some reasons why this package made it being a highest grossing package we have.

  • Complete basic amenities in low price. You will get the best of the best when it comes to this package. Ideal table and chair decorations and colour motifs. You can even style up to a more elegant table skirting and chairs covers accordingly. Canopy post covers, additional linings, scallops design and even balloon decorations if requested by the clients.
  • Proper ventilation and lightings usage. Both Economic and Classic packages were using the basic lighting and fans but in Classic you can optimize and extend the possibility of having a well-ventilated canopied party. You can rent out other electrical equipments such as air-conditioning units and other large industrial fans to keep your guest comfortable. However, you should refer these changes to your assigned consultant to check the availability and to monitor proper usage and compatibility with your chosen canopy.
  • Over-all design. You can never get no less with your money being spent on this package. Experience a total beautification and design during your event. Our top-class team of designers are trained,skillful and imaginative when it comes to arts. Your dream party will be brought to life right in your eyes.
  • Other extra services. All our packages are up for any customization and were subject to many variations therefore we go for an extra mile to cater every client needs. Any extra services on the event proper will still be accommodated and handle by us. Expect that there will men of Canopy King to assist you all the way of the event. Customer-satisfaction guaranteed.

If you think you aren’t getting enough from your last party? Well then, it’s time to experience Canopy King exquisite party hosting. Call us to know more or visit us in our office, we are open daily. We are looking forward to a great partnership with you.